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About Us

A little about us


About Us

a little about us

Al-Bader Restaurant is truly an Authentic Lebanon and Arabic cuisine.  The flavour of Lebanon, the savour of the Mediterranean; this is the secret that lies behind the recipes of Al-Bader Restaurant’s rich aromas and superb marinades.  We serve an array of kebabs, dips including hummus and salads.

Vegetarians will also find a welcoming place at Al-Bader Restaurant.  Every sandwich, platter, and fresh bread is prepared in front of you so that you are part of the Al-Bader Restaurant experience. This experience speaks volumes of the freshness of our ingredients, the exceptional cleanliness and hygiene demanded of our staff, and our professionalism towards our customers.

Guests have the choice between dinning in, takeout, delivery, and a catering menu for business or private functions.

Our catering service offers clients the sensational Al-Bader Restaurant experience at parties and receptions, with a staff that is well trained and followed up continuously.  Al-Bader Restaurant takeout and delivery services are designed to be efficient, to gratify the speedy lifestyles of today, without compromising on great flavour.

Cuisine and Culture

Lebanese people spend a lot of their leisure time socialising and spending quality time with friends and family, taking part in lively conversations over Turkish coffee (Kahwah) or Tea and enjoying a good bite of food. The Lebanese cuisine is a true reflection of the country’s rich and distinctive culture.

The Lebanese dining table bounds the social and “sharing” aspects intrinsic to the culture. Instead of a traditional three-course meal approach, Lebanese food is served in an array of small dishes, and is aimed not only feeding diners’ stomachs, but also at entertaining them.

The cuisine of Lebanon represents the conventions of the Mediterranean diet. Common Lebanese dishes include an abundance of starches, fruits, vegetables, fresh fish and seafood. Poultry is consumed more often than actual red meat, and when red meat is used in food, it is usually lamb grilled to perfection.

Cultural standards of hospitality and passion for food have established Lebanese cuisine in a class of its own; dining in the Lebanese tradition is a celebration of life and an invigorating experience. This makes Al-Bader Restaurant a class of its own in Lebanese food.

A taste of Lebanon

Al-Bader prides itself on excellence in the preparation of food, presentation and quality of our customer service.  Serving one of the finest Lebanese cuisine available in Birmingham, Al-Bader Restaurant will stimulate and delight your all your senses.

Close your eyes as you savour this fantastic food and fresh drinks, and you’ll feel you’ve stepped into the heart of Beirut.